New Bottling Production Facility for Sealand BIRK

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Sealand Natural Resources Inc. (otcbb: SLNR), a new product development company, which manufactures, markets and sells functional beverages (Sealand BIRK), today announced a Joint Venture agreement with MAGNUM UAB STRAIKUS.

Lars Poulsen, Chief Executive Officer of Sealand Natural Resources Inc., commented, “A Joint Venture agreement was finalized between Sealand Natural Resources Inc. and MAGNUM UAB STRAIKUS of Lithuania. Sealand BIRK will be bottled on a new state-of-the-art bottling machine. BIRK, our organic birch tree beverage, is sustainably harvested in the region and will be bottled in very close proximity to our forest resource to allow quality, freshness and cost efficiency. The new bottling facility is a strategic investment to serve our growing demand with scalability to serve future sales growth. We are very optimistic about our new partnership; the team has proven success and experience in beverage production.” CEO Lars Poulsen continued, “We again will have total control from birch forest to finished product. Our goal is to operate as a sustainable, environmentally conscious company which is mindful of a circular approach to all areas of our production and business.”

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