Press Release ( Tuesday, 5 August 2014 ):

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Press Release ( Tuesday, 5 August 2014 ):
Sealand Birk is officially launching in Australia and New Zealand, imported by Kosmonte Foods Australia, New Zealand. & Kosmonte Foods distributes to the leading super and hyper market chains such as Carrefour, Geant, HyperPanda, Spinneys, Auchan Hypermarket, Megamarket, LuLu Hypermarket, Al Maya, Chiothram, Aswaaq just to name a few. Kosmonte Foods became a leader in the distribution of food products in UAE, Oman, Kosovo, Albania, Croatia, Ukraine and have recently expanded into Australia and New Zealand.

Lars Poulsen, Chief Executive Officer of Sealand Natural Resorces Inc., commented, “We’re very optimistic at the anticipated success of Sealand Birk organic birch sap in Australia and New Zealand. There is unprecedented interest expressed from major beverage distributors, large retail chains, media outlets and the response of the public who have sampled the product. Our marketing group in country has expressed that BIRK ticks every box reflective of the Australian and New Zealand culture of outdoors, health, lifestyle, fitness and an ever-increasing demand for all foods organic.”

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