Sealand Natural Resources Inc. Announces Appointment of New International Corporate Marketing Executive

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OCEANSIDE, Calif. & SYDNEY & COPENHAGEN, Denmark–(BUSINESS WIRE)–December 18, 2014–

Sealand Natural Resources Inc. (OTCBB: SLNR), a new product development company which manufactures, markets and sells functional beverages (Sealand BIRK), today announced and welcomes the appointment of Christine Stavropoulos based in Australia, to the role of International Corporate Executive Marketing.

Our partners in Australia, Sealand BIRK Australia-New Zealand Pty Ltd., are overwhelmed by the market and consumer interest in Sealand BIRK organic birch water on the eve of the product’s release into major retail outlets. Birch water is a totally new concept in this part of the world and Australians are keen to tap into the nature enjoyed by the Vikings and people of the North for centuries.

Christine Stavropoulos states “The world trend moving towards a cleaner, more organic lifestyle, has seen rise to consumer interest shift to the naturally derived health and beauty benefits sourced from tree and plant waters. A key indicator that these beverages are no passing fad and a serious contender in the beverage industry is the introduction of a new beverage category, ‘Tree and Plant Waters’. That also is an indicator that ‘Tree and Plant Waters’ are well placed to take a huge slice of the market away from longstanding, established beverage giants.

Australia’s Channel 7′s Today Tonight program, recently compiled a story on birch water. Journalist and presenter, David Richardson, seized the opportunity of interviewing Sealand’s Chairman, Lars Poulsen during his recent trip to Australia as an authority on birch water and creator of Sealand Natural Resources. Further interviews were conducted on an accredited dietician and a marketing expert on the ‘power of water’.

Sealand BIRK Australia and New Zealand is also proud to introduce one of Australia’s leading beverage distributors, Metro Beverage Co (MBC) as its key distributor. MBC’s Managing Director, Aleksander Velkovski and market expert states “I see Health and Wellbeing as the major driver of growth in the beverage sector. MBC has always researched and moulded our product range around product innovation, lifestyle and health. Sealand BIRK tree water is a product that is positioned perfectly between ‘water’ and ‘coconut water’ categories. Whilst broadening the healthy beverage options in the market, Sealand BIRK also ticks the ‘good taste/enjoyment factor’ that consumers look for in the pursuit of health. Sealand BIRK is poised to be the ‘next big thing’.

Sealand Natural Resources attended the recently held Organic trade show MENOPE at the Dubai Conference Centre and received great interest in its innovative products and company’s potential. Buyers in the region were also excited at the availability of product for immediate delivery. Whilst every region in the world is of equal importance, we view the Middle East as holding the potential to be our largest market, firstly because our product meets all stringent certifications and secondly, due to our product having the capacity to meet every tier of the consumer and corporate market. It is with great anticipation that we look forward to exploring and exploiting all those avenues.

About Sealand Natural Resources, Inc.

Sealand Natural Resources Inc. (OTCBB: SLNR), is a research and new product development company that manufactures, markets, and sells functional beverages, organic nutriceuticals, health supplements, medicinal raw materials, and health food worldwide. Its product line is the harvested raw materials from the Birch tree and other natural and organic harvested compounds. The company offers products through direct sales, wholesale, and retail sales, as well as through distribution and licensing. Sealand Natural Resources Inc. serves specialty retailers, Co Op stores, health and science related companies, and chain stores, as well as the individual consumer. For more information, visit

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