Sealand Natural Resources has its foundation in the harvesting of nature’s products. Sealand identifies its product opportunities by understanding how nature has evolved over millions of years to achieve a particular benefit to its natural host. The global life sciences team of Sealand integrates critical scientific and medical competencies in understanding nature’s processes with context to traditional uses and focus on  three core areas:  exploration/discovery, characterization of health benefits, and the ability to scale up for commercial use. The initial core products derived from the elements of the  “tree of life” located in the birch forests of the Taiga is one example of success that has been rigorously peer reviewed and developed in part with support from the European Community. At SLNR the search is ongoing  and the results can be beneficial to all.

On Location R&D projects: 

1. Nutripeptides Raw Materials : Denmark 

2. Silver Birch Research : Taiga Forest Biome Finland, Lithuania, Canada

FP7  Proposal for CP SEALAND BIRCH Part B
Proposal full title:  Evaluation of the potential for exploitation of birch water from forests in selected international cooperation partner countries

Proposal acronym:  SEALAND BIRCH 
Type of funding scheme:  Collaborative project. small or medium scale. 

FP7  Call:    KBBE-2007=1-2-06 Developing new methods for valuing and marketing of currently non-marketable forest goods and services.